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Antique pocket watch adjustments.

The types of gold used in antique watches.

Antique watch jewels.

Watch regulators.

Radioactive luminous paint.

Borgel watch cases.

Antique watch crystals.

How antique watch dials were made.

Antique watch case material.

Maintenance and care

How to wind and set the time on an antique pocket watch.

Why does an antique pocket watch run slow?

How to care for and maintain your antique watch.

How to regulate antique watch movements.

Cleaning enamel antique pocket watch dials.

Why does my antique pocket watch stop?

6 ways you can damage your antique watch.


Atlam Watches.

Collecting antique watches as a hobby.

Why do I collect antique watches?

How to value an antique pocket watch.

Antique marriage watches.

How to read British Hallmarks.

Swiss hallmarks.

Antique watch patina.

Albert watch chains.

Antique watches, frequently asked questions.

The Vintage Watch Room London.


The history of English watchmaking.

A brief history of watchmaking in Switzerland.

What is a watchmaker?

The tragedy of scrapping antique watches for precious metals.

Royal Flying Corps, WW1 cockpit watches, 1914 – 1918.

Établissage system.

The origin of the Swiss made brand.

Finishing an ébauche movement.

Antique watch timekeeping accuracy.

Buying guides

A beginner’s guide to antique pocket watches.

Why you should avoid 7-jewel watches.

Seven indicators of a high quality antique pocket watch.

12 things to avoid when buying an antique watch.

Thinking of buying an antique pocket watch as a gift? Here is a 10-point practical buying guide.