My collection

These are links to the antique watches in my collection. I collect Swiss and English pocket watches and trench watches. Typically, I buy the watch and admire it for a while. I will wear it to a few events and then sell it on to fund my next purchase. It keeps my collection ticking over, keeps the costs down and allows someone else to enjoy an antique watch.

James Walker silver hunter pocket watch, 1920

This antique pocket watch was retailed by James Walker of London. The quality 15-jewel movement was made by H. Williamson.

Antique 19 jewel Limit pocket watch c1910

This antique Limit pocket watch was made by Hirst Brothers, c1910. It has a gold-plated case and has a high-quality 19-jewel movement.

Limit pocket watch, c1910.

Antique Zenith pocket watch, 1915

This antique pocket watch was made by the iconic Swiss manufacturer, Zenith. It has a Zenith 15-jewel 19.5”’ movement. It is a very presentable and practical timepiece.

Zenith pocket watch, 1915.

Coventry Astral pocket watch from H Williamson, 1912

This antique pocket watch was manufactured and finished by the noted English watchmaker H Williamson Ltd. It is presentable and practical. It has a good quality, English made, Swiss movement with 16 jewels.

Coventry Astral dial

J.G. Graves The Express English Lever Silver Pocket Watch, 1898

This antique pocket watch comes from a noted retailer and a respected English manufacturer. It is a very presentable timepiece and is accurate enough for practical use. In its day this would have been an ordinary worker’s watch, rugged and reliable.

The Express English Lever pocket watch

Longines silver pocket watch for Camerer Kuss & Co, 1914

This is a superbly presented silver antique pocket watch. The dial and case are crisp and clean. The watch has a Longines movement and keeps very accurate time to within one minute per day.

Longines silver pocket watch for Camerer Kuss & Co.

Criterion full hunter cased pocket watch. c1910

This is my first hunter cased antique pocket watch. It is a Swiss-made movement with 15 jewels and comes in a rolled gold Dennison case. It’s a presentable and reliable timekeeper, accurate to within one minute per day.

Criterion hunter cased pocket watch, c1910

Sir John Bennett open-faced pocket watch in rose gold, 1920.

This was my first antique pocket watch. A very presentable and reliable open-faced pocket watch from Sir John Bennett. The case is 9ct rose gold and in good condition. It has a Swiss Made movement with 15 jewels and keeps accurate time, within two minutes per day.

Swiss made gentlemen’s silver trench watch, 1917.

This was the first antique trench watch that I added to my collection. It has a silver case, in good condition, considering its age. It keeps good time over the course of a day, within a couple of minutes. It is missing the luminescent paint from the hands and the dial, but this is not unusual for an original piece.

Trench Watch 1917.

Antique J W Benson silver fusee pocket watch, 1883.

Every antique pocket watch collection needs a J W Benson. This is my first. It has a fusee movement, the case is sterling silver and is in great condition for an antique timepiece. It’s very accurate for its age and remains a very useable timepiece.

J W Benson silver fusse pocket watch.

Fonetainemelon silver trench watch, 1914

This is one of my favourites. The dial and lens are in such good condition, it looks almost new. It also keeps great time and is probably the antique watch I wear most often. It’s a small size and easily passes as a modern dress watch. The only downside is that my wife keeps on asking if she can wear it. The answer has always been a firm no.

Fonetainemelon silver trench watch, 1914.

English Lever pocket watch, R Kaiser, York, 1896.

This is a reliable and very presentable English antique pocket watch. I wear it, on rotation, with my other antique pocket watches, whenever there is an occasion that requires wearing a waistcoat. It’s a reliable timekeeper over the course of a business day.

1896 English Lever pocket watch.