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Borgel Lever movement Trench watch

To a watchmaker, perhaps the most interesting part of a watch is the movement. However, to the owner, it will most certainly be the dial. The dial gives the watch…

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H Williamson Ltd Lever movement Pocket watch

Guides Pocket watch Trench watch

Lever movement Movement Pocket watch Rotherham and Sons Wright & Craighead

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Lever movement Pocket watch Thomas Russell & Son

Perhaps you have inherited an antique pocket watch that has passed through your family for generations. Or possibly you have begun collecting antique pocket watches. Either way, you will have…

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Ébauche Lancashire Watch Company Lever movement Pocket watch

When I first started collecting antique watches, I thought I understood what the term watchmaker referred to, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a much-abused word,…

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